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Why Choose Liftmaster?
Providing safe, convenient access to your home is their specialty and have been doing it for over 40
years. Liftmaster is the preferred choice of professionals because of their proven commitment to
quality, performance and reliability.

Liftmaster gate operators are engineered with quality machine work and rugged construction to
provide you the comfort of knowing the gate will open and close all day and night.

Take a look at your garage door opener. Chances are pretty good it is a Chamberlain / Liftmaster /
Craftsman and has been so dependable you never noticed what brand it was!
Liftmaster / Chamberlain automatic garage door openers are one of the most trusted
and popular brands of automated gate openers. So much so it carries the Good
Housekeeping Seal with a 2 year Good Housekeeping warranty.

Most people don't even realize the make of their garage door opener because they've
never had a problem that required contacting the manufacturer. This kind of reliability
is now delivered in their LA-400 gate opener.

The Liftmaster / Chamberlain LA-400 Dual Opener is a low voltage system, eliminating
the need to run expensive 110 volt AC power wire to your gate. Simply run 16-gauge
low voltage 2-conductor wire to a household outlet within 1,000' of the operator. With
the Liftmaster / Chamberlain LA-400 control box you can house 2 batteries to
accommodate higher opening cycle situations and extra storage for a power outage.
Furthermore, the LA-400 meets the high safety standards of UL 325 listing for a
reliable, safe gate opening device.
comes with a manual release key that can be used should the
power fail and the backup battery is not charged. This ensures
that the driveway gate can be opened without damaging or
disconnecting any components.
Highest Level of Safety - This operator is designed with separate
force adjustments for obstructions. If the gate meets an
obstruction while it is opening it will reverse to close, and if it is
closing it will reverse to open. Additionally, the LA-400 is UL 325